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Mar-2021Body-place fields and the surrounding space : preliminary evidence from multielectrode neural recordings in the macaque premotor cortexBonini, Luca; Arcuri, JennyMaster thesis
Mar-2022Development of a forced-choice task for the evaluation of affective blindsight in humans and monkeysBonini, Luca; Campanello, ChiaraMaster thesis
Jul-2019Disabilità fisica nei primati non umani : dagli aspetti anatomo-fisiologici alle implicazioni socio-psicologicheBonini, Luca; Brignani, AnnaBachelor thesis
31-Mar-2023Dyadic Adjustment : interpersonal synchrony in physiological and behavioral processesBonini, Luca; Gallese, Vittorio; Falanga, LuigiMaster thesis
Mar-2022The effect of the observation of grasping objects vs their static presentation on memory-recall : a behavioural and neurophysiological studyBonini, Luca; Ferrari, LauraMaster thesis
Mar-2020From mirror neurons to rehabilitation : effects of approaches based on action observationBonini, Luca; Rotunno, CristinaMaster thesis
Mar-2023Investigating somatosensory awareness through high-density EEG : effect of amplitude, bimodal stimulation and production of a reportBonini, Luca; Salemi, EnricoMaster thesis
Mar-2023An investigation of action observation-based motor learning through kinematics analysisBonini, Luca; Chessa, Maria CristinaMaster thesis
2008L'organizzazione dell'azione intenzionale e la comprensione dell'intenzionalità motoria nei circuiti parieto-frontali della scimmiaFogassi, Leonardo; Bonini, LucaDoctoral thesis
21-Oct-2022La lateralizzazione comportamentale nei suricati (Suricata suricatta) : attività quotidiana e compito cognitivoBonini, Luca; Fraja, MargheritaMaster thesis
21-Oct-2022La percezione della spazializzazione acustica durante l'ascolto di sequenze cinematografiche : uno studio EEGBonini, Luca; Gallese, Vittorio; Burrafato, Rosalia EugeniaMaster thesis
8-Nov-2019Linkage of multiple visual and motor properties in single neuron activity of monkey’s anterior intraparietal areaBonini, Luca; Bano, EleonoraBachelor thesis
Mar-2023Modulation of Local Field Potential in the macaque putamen during a mutual action taskBonini, Luca; Maranesi, Monica; Camisa, AliceMaster thesis
Mar-2022Monkey ventral premotor neurons during constrained and freely moving conditions : firing featuresBonini, Luca; Ferretti, ElenaMaster thesis
Mar-2022Monkey ventral premotor neurons during constrained and freely moving conditions : functional propertiesBonini, Luca; Rigamonti, GiuliaMaster thesis
Mar-2022Negligenza spaziale unilaterale : dal quadro clinico agli interventi neuroriabilitativiBonini, Luca; Zorzi, LauraMaster thesis
26-Mar-2021Neural correlates of spontaneous behaviours in the ventral premotor cortex of the freely behaving monkeyBonini, Luca; Arconte, Melissa CarmelinaMaster thesis
26-Mar-2021Neuronal activity of the ventral premotor cortex during whole-body navigation in the freely-moving monkeyBonini, Luca; Bertucci, AnnaMaster thesis
11-Jul-2019Neuronal representations of executed and withheld actions in the macaque anterior intraparietal areaBonini, Luca; Sepe, AlessiaBachelor thesis
27-Mar-2020Neuronal representations of executed and withheld actions in the macaque presupplementary motor area F6Bonini, Luca; Grignaffini, MicheleMaster thesis