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Apr-2011Highly proteolized novel and traditional foodsSforza, Stefano; Dossena, Arnaldo; Lambertini, FrancescaDoctoral thesis
May-2020Ingredienti proteici a base di insetti: estrazione, caratterizzazione molecolare, funzionalità tecnologiche e aspetti di sicurezzaSforza, Stefano; Bastiaens, Leen; Leni, GiuliaDoctoral thesis
May-2020Insect biorefinery for generating high-added-value products such as protein and chitinSforza, Stefano; Bastiaens, Leen; Soetemans, LiseDoctoral thesis
Apr-2014Non Proteolytic Aminoacyl Derivatives (NPADs) in cheeses: Synthesis, Origin, PropertiesSforza, Stefano; Bottesini, ChiaraDoctoral thesis
28-Mar-2008Peptides and proteins as markers of quality and safety in food: an approach by Mass SpectrometryMarchelli, Rosangela; Sforza, Stefano; Cavatorta, ValeriaDoctoral thesis
2012Probing quality and safety of tomato products by genomic and proteomic toolsMarchelli, Rosangela; Sforza, Stefano; Bencivenni, MariangelaDoctoral thesis
16-Mar-2018Recovery of valuable protein co-products from meat industry by enzymatic hydrolysis: bovine fleshing and hidesSforza, Stefano; Anzani, CeciliaDoctoral thesis
24-Mar-2017Struttura e proprietà della pectina e di oligosaccaridi pectinici da sottoprodotti agroalimentariSforza, Stefano; Elst, Kathy; Baldassarre, StefaniaDoctoral thesis
4-Mar-2010Tuning PNA Properties by Chemical Modifications: Design Synthesis and ApplicationsMarchelli, Rosangela; Sforza, Stefano; Calabretta, AlessandroDoctoral thesis
2014Wheat allergies: a peptidomic approachSforza, Stefano; Galaverna, Gianni; Prandi, BarbaraDoctoral thesis