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6-Mar-2009Synthesis of multivalent glycoclusters for the selective inhibition of lectins and targeted imagingUngaro, Rocco; Casnati, Alessandro; Rispoli, GabrieleDoctoral thesis
6-Mar-2008Catalytic syntheses in non conventional mediaCosta, Mirco; Bottarelli, PaoloDoctoral thesis
2009Heterogeneous basic catalysts for fine chemical production: from traditional batch to continuous flow systemSartori, Giovanni; Maggi, Raimondo; Soldi, LauraDoctoral thesis
17-Mar-2017Progress in photovoltaic cells based on Low-Temperature Pulsed-Electron-Deposited Cu(In,Ga)Se2 filmsGilioli, Edmondo; Annoni, FilippoDoctoral thesis
6-Mar-2015Multifunctional nanomaterials: theranostic nanoparticles and SMM-decorated surfacesDalcanale, Enrico; Bertani, FedericoDoctoral thesis
18-Mar-2016Synthesis of new calixarene-based lubricant additivesCasnati, Alessandro; Notari, Marcello; Sansone, Francesco; Roselli, Alberto; Burlini, AlessandroDoctoral thesis
2011New catalytic systems based on nanodispersed metals in inorganic matrices prepared using the sol-gel techniquesMoggi, Pietro; Sona, Alfred NdemeDoctoral thesis
2011The Palladium/norbornene catalytic system: novel synthetic applications and mechanistic insightsCatellani, Marta; Maestri, GiovanniDoctoral thesis
2013Innovative metal-based catalytic systems for ecofriendly processesMoggi, Pietro; Frittella, ValerioDoctoral thesis
11-Mar-2016Molecular approaches to smart materials via interface recognition and conformationally switchable cavitandsDalcanale, Enrico; Pedrini, AlessandroDoctoral thesis