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28-Mar-2014Design and synthesis of human serine racemase inhibitors, a challenge to modulate NMDAR dysregulation and neurodegeneration induced.Costantino, Gabriele; Mor, Marco; Pecchini, ChiaraDoctoral thesis
Mar-2015Counterfeit medicines and illicit health care products: analysis of active products and chemical profilingSilva, Claudia; Damiano, FabioDoctoral thesis
2011Synthesis of cysteine-reactive compounds as drugs or pharmacological toolsMor, Marco; Vezzosi, StefanoDoctoral thesis
2012MD Simulations and Conformational Sampling of Monomeric and Dimeric GPCRsCostantino, Gabriele; Bruno, AgostinoDoctoral thesis
2012Structure-based drug design of molecules influencing fatty acid derivatives signal pathwaysMor, Marco; Capoferri, LuigiDoctoral thesis
Apr-2016Design and synthesis of new multitarget inhibitors of dengue virus replicationCostantino, Gabriele; Vincetti, PaoloDoctoral thesis
2012Application of comparative modelling to the design and discovery of novel GPCR ligandsRivara, Silvia; Pala, DanieleDoctoral thesis
Mar-2013Small-molecule modulators of receptor tyrosine kinases as potential antitumor agentsMor, Marco; Russo, SimonettaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2015Mass spectrometry in structure-property relationships studies: allosteric inhibitors of monoacylglycerol lipase and prodrugs of palmitoylethanolamideVacondio, Federica; Bassi, MicheleDoctoral thesis
28-Mar-2013Interfering with the excitatory amino acids signalling in the brain for the design of novel neuroprotective agentsCostantino, Gabriele; Vallerini, Gian PaoloDoctoral thesis