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dc.contributor.advisorArrighetti, Alessandro-
dc.contributor.authorBattino, Francesco-
dc.description.abstractDigital piracy is a worldwide, highly pervasive phenomenon across countries and sectors, with social costs estimated in billions USD. This phenomenon mainly takes the form of End-User digital piracy. In End-User piracy a single consumer illegally consumes a good without paying the due price to the Copyright Owner. The industries that suffer the most from End-User piracy are those based on Information Goods, such as the motion pictures industry, the music industry, book publishing and the software industry. To counteract the effects of Digital Piracy firms have come up with various strategies, one of which is the use of complementary products to allow for indirect appropriation. Numerous companies base their business model on the creation of franchises which complete and enhance the consumption experience offered by the Information Good. In this work we present a general model for vertical differentiation and digital piracy à la Mussa and Rosen (1978) where a monopolist offers an Information Good in a digital market affected by end-user digital piracy together with a complementary good, thus analyzing and uncovering some of the underlying mechanics of this type of markets.en_US
dc.publisherUniversità degli studi Parma. Dipartimento di Scienze economiche e aziendalien_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesDottorato di ricerca in Economia e management dell'innovazione e della sostenibilitàen_US
dc.rights@ Francesco Battino, 2020en_US
dc.subjectIntellectual goodsen_US
dc.subjectDigital piracyen_US
dc.subjectComplementary intellectual goodsen_US
dc.subjectAlternative marketen_US
dc.subjectIndirect appropriationen_US
dc.subjectNetwork effectsen_US
dc.subjectDigital marketsen_US
dc.subjectEnd-user digital piracyen_US
dc.titleComplementary digital products and digital piracyen_US
dc.title.alternativeBeni complementari digitali e pirateria informaticaen_US
dc.typeDoctoral thesisen_US
dc.subject.miurSECS-P/01 EMISen_US
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