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Titolo: Enteropatie croniche del cane: sintomi simili per diversi scenari, capirli per gestirli
Altri titoli: Chronic enteropathies in dogs: similar symptoms for different scenarios, understand them to treat them
Autori: Reggiani, Elena
data di pubblicazione: 7-apr-2020
Editore: Università di Parma. Dipartimento di Scienze Medico-Veterinarie
Tipo di documento: Bachelor thesis
Abstract: Enteropatie croniche nel cane
Chronic enteropathies have different pathogenesis in dog, despite similar clinical presentation, for this reason the course that leads to their diagnosis is insidious. Main characteristics of every chronic enteropathies and the best method to achieve a diagnosis have been highlighted. Differential diagnosis aren’t few and diagnostics procedure can be long and expensive for the dog’s owner, however they are necessary to find a definitive diagnosis. The aim of the study is focused on the symptomatology and etiopathogenesis of every pathology to be able to manage in the appropriate way immediately. It’s appropriate to proceed in stages: at first, excluding the common causes like intestinal parasites, then understand the effect of nutrition and progressively diagnostics procedure in lab and exams like ultrasonography and then continue with more invasive technique like endoscopy, thanks to which is possible take biopsy samples and carry out histological analysis to formulate definitive diagnosis. The treatment can be symptomatic or specific and provides for a use of different drugs, even combined, to be able to reach the remission of symptoms in short time, however it is not always possible. More studies should be performed in order to assess new biochemical tests in the context of veterinary gastroenterology and new therapeutic treatments for chronic enteropathies in patients who have shown no improvement with conventional therapy.
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