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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014T cell depletion as a route to transplantation toleranceBuzio, Carlo; Piotti, GiovanniDoctoral thesis
4-Feb-2018Taccuino 2015Kvas, Andrea; Rossi, ValentinaWorking Paper
num2011.jpg.jpg4-Jan-1914[Il taglio della Parisina]; Yambo, (Enrico Novelli)Image
Mar-2019Tailored homogeneous catalytic methodologies for the sustainable synthesis of value-added chemicalsMotti, Elena; Casnati, AlessandraDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020Tailoring calcium phosphate nanoparticles for medical applications: a functional by design approachSandri, Monica; Iafisco, Michele; Degli Esposti, LorenzoDoctoral thesis
6-Mar-2015Tailoring surfaces and interface properties by kinetically activated processes controlled by Supersonic Beam DepositionIannotta, Salvatore; Verucchi, Roberto; Tatti, RobertaDoctoral thesis
6-Jun-2008Talking Less and Moving the Market More: Is this the Recipe for Monetary Policy Effectiveness? Evidence from the ECB and the FedRosa, Carlo; Verga, Giovanni; University of Parma; Ente Luigi Einaudi, RomaConference lecture
2-Mar-2018Tangible e Block Programming per introdurre il pensiero computazionaleTomaiuolo, Michele; Ferrari, AlbertoDoctoral thesis
12-Apr-2015Tappeti volantiGuerzoni, Franco; Casero, CristinaWorking Paper
0889230f7ceafa5b71c9496d36396384.jpg.jpg13-Apr-2015[Tappeti volanti]Guerzoni, FrancoImage
Mar-2014Targeted disruption of Aurora and IKK kinases interaction as therapeutic strategy to sensitize Multiple myeloma cells to Apo2L/TRAILDall'Asta, Valeria; Lunghi, PaoloDoctoral thesis
2015Targeted therapy in lung and breast cancer: a big dealPetronini, Pier Giorgio; Caffarra, CristinaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2008Targeting Eph receptors with chemical compounds and peptidesRossi, Gian Luigi; Paquale, Elena B.; Noberini, RobertaDoctoral thesis
5-Mar-2018Targeting integrins and beyond: synthesis and biological evaluation of multifunctional peptidomimetics in tumor therapyZanardi, Franca; Portioli, ElisabettaDoctoral thesis
9-Mar-2016Tassi e rischiosità delle imprese: un’analisi empirica ed econometricaVerga, Giovanni; Trani, FedericaDoctoral thesis
8-Mar-2019Tate EventOreste; Scotti, MarcoWorking Paper
8-Nov-2018Teatro e competenza socio-emotiva : una ricerca con giovani adultiRollo, Dolores; Mariconda, GerardaBachelor thesis
17-Jul-2013Il teatro originario delle AriettePasquini, Stefano; Berselli, PaolaArticle
14-Mar-2018Techniques for interference mitigation in satellite communicationsColavolpe, Giulio; Zanettini, YuriDoctoral thesis
2013Technological processes for CIGS based solar cellsRoberto, Mosca; Calicchio, MarcoDoctoral thesis