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dc.contributor.authorDanacica, Daniela-Emanuela-
dc.contributor.authorBabucea, Ana-Gabriela-
dc.description.abstractIn this paper are presented some of the results of research within ASO grant “The Role of Education for the Duration of Unemployment”. The paper starts with a presentation of the main characteristics of unemployment in Romania in between 1998-2006. Special attention is paid to the structures of the unemployed by gender, age, and level of education. After evidencing the structure of unemployment in Romania, the results of empirical analysis for one county from Romania, namely Gorj County, are presented. Using techniques to estimate models for duration data, like the Kaplan Meier method and Cox’s proportional hazard model, the influence of the level of education, gender and age are analyzed.en
dc.subjectEducation levelen
dc.titleThe role of education for the duration of unemploymenten
dc.typeConference lectureen
dc.contributor.sponsorConstantin Brancusi University of Târgu-Jiu-
dc.subject.miurSECS-P/02 - Politica economicaen
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