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Title: Perceptive continua and immanent realism. Perspects of study of the work of Franz Brentano in a recent book of Liliana Albertazzi
Authors: Centi, Beatrice
Issue Date: 4-Mar-2008
Document Type: Article
Abstract: The book of Liliana Albertazzi, Immanent Realism. An Introduction to Brentano (Springer 2006) is a punctual and complete presentation of the thought of Franz Brentano (accompanied by a rich bibliography) concerning all the fundamental problems of his work and showing those to which Brentano’s fortune and importance in the second half of the nineteenth century and in the first half of the twentieth century are due; in part, they are still fundamental in the contemporary philosophical, psychological and physiopsychological research. It is not possible to present all the aspects of the Brentano’s complex way which Albertazzi learnedly brings out; therefore I shall highlight the aspect in my opinion more interesting, the aspect for that the theory of the intentionality is a theory of perceiving.
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