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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Functionalization of zinc oxide nanostructuresZappettini, Andrea; Villani, MarcoDoctoral thesis
21-Mar-2014New glycosylated materials for lectin inhibition, detection and targetingCasnati, Alessandro; Fezzardi, PaolaDoctoral thesis
30-Mar-2012Organic thin films as active materials in field effect transistors and electrochemical sensingIannotta, Salvatore; Mosca, Roberto; Cicoira, Fabio; Tarabella, GiuseppeDoctoral thesis
8-Mar-2013Hyperspectral colour imaging and spectrophotometric instrumentationOleari, Claudio; Della Patria, AndreaDoctoral thesis
18-Mar-2011MOVPE Growth and Study of III-V Multi-Junction Structures for Advanced Photovoltaic ApplicationsTarricone, Luciano; Parisini, Antonella; Painelli, Anna; Baldini, MicheleDoctoral thesis
18-Mar-2010Cooperativity from charge transfer, phonons and electrostatic interactions in functional molecular materialsPainelli, Anna; D'Avino, GabrieleDoctoral thesis
Mar-2012Self-assembled network via molecular recognitionDalcanale, Enrico; Dionisio, MarcoDoctoral thesis
1-Mar-2013Functional Fluorescent Organic NanoparticlesTerenziani, Francesca; Blanchard-Desce, Mireille; Campioli, ElisaDoctoral thesis
21-Mar-2014Self-assembly of supramolecular architectures in solution and on surfacesDalcanale, Enrico; Misztal, Kasjan MarekDoctoral thesis
5-Mar-2014Development of semiconductor compound materials & devices for radiation detection applicationsZappettini, Andrea; Benassi, GiacomoDoctoral thesis