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Mar-2014Evoluzione 4D di sistemi di rift complessi: modellizzazione analogica ed applicazione a casi naturaliStorti, Fabrizio; Nestola, YagoDoctoral thesis
27-Mar-2018Morphology and morphogenesis of modern subaqueous drainage systems: implications for the origin of the Mediterranean Messinian canyonsRoveri, Marco; Manzi, Vinicio; Gamberi, Fabiano; Di Blasi, FrancescaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2012Integrated stratigraphy of the upper Paleocene-lower Eocene successions of the Tremp and Ager basins (south-central Pyrenees, Spain)Roveri, Marco; Tinterri, Roberto; Minelli, NicolaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2010Mass Transport Complexes in bacini confinati a controllo strutturale: l'Unità Epiligure di Specchio (Appennino Settentrionale)Tinterri, Roberto; Ogata, KeiDoctoral thesis
Mar-2019Structural architecture and paleofluid evolution in fault zones dissecting ramp anticlines: examples from the Lunigiana region (Northern Apennines) and the Gran Sasso Massif (Central Apennines), ItalyStorti, Fabrizio; Lucca, AlessioDoctoral thesis
Mar-2013Compressional and extensional tectonics inside collisional belts: the case of the western portion of the Northern ApenninesArtoni, Andrea; Bernini, Massimo; Carlini, MirkoDoctoral thesis
Mar-2019Geochemical and Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf- isotopic study of mantle rocks in the ophiolitic sequences of the Alpine-Apennine orogenic belt: implications for heterogeneity in the MORB sourcesMontanini, Alessandra; Bosch, Delphine; Rumbolo, TancrediDoctoral thesis
Mar-2019Diagenetic concretions as a tool to constrain palaeo-fluid circulation in fault zones and folded strataFabrizio, Balsamo; Mattia, PizzatiDoctoral thesis
27-Sep-2018Magmatic processes within the plumbing system of the Marsili seamount (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea): constraints from the phenocryst cargo of the sampled lavasTrua, Teresa; Marzoli, Andrea; Correia da Fonseca, José VirgilioDoctoral thesis
19-Mar-2019Synthesis, phase transitions, degassing behaviour of melanophlogite (type i clathrate)Tribaudino, Mario; D'Alessio, DanielaDoctoral thesis