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Mar-2013Macrocyclic amphiphilic non-viral vectors for gene deliverySansone, Francesco; Casnati, Alessandro; Lomazzi, MichelaDoctoral thesis
8-Mar-2017Design and synthesis of new calix[6]arene-based molecular switchesArduini, Arturo; Zanichelli, ValeriaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2015Model systems for artificial photosynthesis: calix[4]arenes functionalized with chromophoric units for energy and charge transferBaldini, Laura; Terenziani, Francesca; Tosi, IreneDoctoral thesis
6-Mar-2018Synthesis of novel hybrid nanosystems composed by core-shell SiC/SiOx nanowires conjugated with porphyrins for X-ray-excited PDTBigi, Franca; Loffi, CeciliaDoctoral thesis
6-Mar-2018Supported sulphonic acids: solid catalysts for eco-compatible oxidation reactionsMaggi, Raimondo; Paris, EmanueleDoctoral thesis
3-Mar-2016Modified PNA design and synthesis: a novel approach using Molecular Dynamics and MetadynamicsCorradini, Roberto; Verdolino, Vincenzo; Verona, Massimiliano DonatoDoctoral thesis
Mar-2012Multivalent glycocalixarenes for lectin inhibitionCasnati, Alessandro; Sansone, Francesco; Bernardi, SilviaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020Development of new mono- and multivalent ligands for medically relevant proteins and peptidesSansone, Francesco; Sbravati, DavideDoctoral thesis
2012Supported sulfonic acids: solid catalysts for batch and continuous flow synthetic processesSartori, Giovanni; Maggi, Raimondo; Piscopo, Calogero GiancarloDoctoral thesis
8-Mar-2017Multivalent calixarenes for targeting of cell membrane receptors and intracellular cargo deliverySansone, Francesco; Casnati, Alessandro; Morbioli, IlariaDoctoral thesis