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17-Mar-2017Progress in photovoltaic cells based on Low-Temperature Pulsed-Electron-Deposited Cu(In,Ga)Se2 filmsGilioli, Edmondo; Annoni, FilippoDoctoral thesis
Mar-2015Hybrid and nanostructured materials for photovoltaic and gas sensing applications: preparation and propertiesMosca, Roberto; Fedeli, PaoloDoctoral thesis
13-Mar-2015Local structure and dynamics of hydrogen in carbon nano-materials: a neutron scattering and DFT approachRiccò, Mauro; Rols, Stéphane; Cavallari, ChiaraDoctoral thesis
Mar-2015Fabrication of high-efficiency Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells by Pulsed Electron Deposition techniqueRampino, Stefano; Bronzoni, MatteoDoctoral thesis
24-Mar-2017Development of printed semiconducting gas sensors: industrial, medical and environmental applicationsBonanno, Antonino; Carotta, Maria Cristina; Sacerdoti, Michele; Fioravanti, AmbraDoctoral thesis
10-Mar-2017Organic memristive devices towards biocompatible interfacesIannotta, Salvatore; Erokhin, Victor; Berzina, Tatiana; Parisini, Antonella; Cifarelli, AngelicaDoctoral thesis
17-Mar-2017Carbon nanostructures for hydrogen storageRiccò, Mauro; Magnani, GiacomoDoctoral thesis
24-Mar-2017Electronic synapses: bioinspired and biomimicking networks based on organic memristorsIannotta, Salvatore; Erokhin, Victor; Battistoni, SilviaDoctoral thesis
9-Mar-2016Self-standing curved crystals for X and Gamma rays focusingFerrari, Claudio; Buffagni, Elisa; Bonnini, ElisaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2015Advanced transmission electron microscopy on nanostructured magnetic materialsNasi, Lucia; Salviati, Giancarlo; Campanini, MarcoDoctoral thesis