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6-Mar-2008Scorpionate Ligands and Surroundings. Coordination Properties - Solution StudiesLanfranchi, Maurizio; Marchiò, Luciano; Gennari, MarcelloDoctoral thesis
Mar-2010The role of the shape in multicomponent crystalsBacchi, Alessia; Carcelli, Mauro; Chiodo, TizianaDoctoral thesis
5-Mar-2009Synthesis and Characterization of Zwitterionic Metallates and Molecular ClustersCauzzi, Daniele; Delferro , MassimilianoDoctoral thesis
8-Mar-2017Chelating ligands: new approaches in bioinorganic chemistryCarcelli, Mauro; Gatti, AnnaDoctoral thesis
13-Mar-2015New forms of polar and spin ordering in Pb2(Mn,Co)WO6 double perovskites: symmetry analysis of ferroic propertiesCalestani, Gianluca; Righi, Lara; Orlandi, FabioDoctoral thesis
2013Silver and Copper complexes with tripodal ligands: from coordination polymers to anticancer drug precursorsMarchiò, Luciano; Bassanetti, IreneDoctoral thesis
Mar-2019A bioinorganic approach to face two currently unsolved health issues: food poisoning and cancerPelosi, Giorgio; Pioli, MariannaDoctoral thesis
1-Mar-2012Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of Copper and Nickel ThiosemicarbazonatesTarasconi, Pieralberto; Pelosi, Giorgio; Tavone, MatteoDoctoral thesis
8-Mar-2017Molecular confinement in porous crystalsPelagatti, Paolo; Balestri, DavideDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020Applicazioni farmaceutiche ed ambientali della chimica di coordinazione: progettazione innovativa di leganti chelanti e complessi metallici ad attività biologicaRogolino, Dominga; Carcelli, Mauro; Bartoli, JenniferDoctoral thesis