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6-Mar-2008Development and characterization of electrochemical sensors whit sensing agent immobilized on the electrode surfaceMori, Giovanni; Giannetto, Marco; Bello, AlessandraDoctoral thesis
4-Mar-2010Immunoassay and Mass Spectrometry Analytical Methods for Targeted Proteomic AnalysisMangia, Alessandro; Elviri, Lisa; Terenghi, MattiaDoctoral thesis
2011Development and application of new materials and devices for sample treatment and MS-based analytical methodsMangia, Alessandro; Bianchi, Federica; Mattarozzi, MonicaDoctoral thesis
6-Mar-2018Development of Analytical Methods for Food Characterization and Security EvaluationCorradini, Claudio; Cavazza, Antonella; Laganà, CarmenDoctoral thesis
8-Mar-2017Development of innovative competitive amperometric immunosensors as promising tools in clinical diagnosis and food safety applicationsCareri, Maria; Giannetto, Marco; Costantini, MonicaDoctoral thesis
8-Mar-2018Crystal structure and defectiveness in modified Metal-Organic FrameworksPredieri, Giovanni; Bacchi, Alessia; Canossa, StefanoDoctoral thesis
Mar-2015Innovative mass spectrometry-based analytical strategies in proteomicsCareri, Maria; Milioli, MarcoDoctoral thesis
3-Mar-2016Innovative analytical strategies for the development of sensor devices and mass spectrometry methodsCareri, Maria; Daunert, Sylvia; Manfredi, AnitaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2013Innovative materials and approaches for mass spectrometry: advances and applicationsCareri, Maria; Rossi, Antonella; Penna, AndreaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020Enzyme-labelled amperometric genosensors and immunosensors based on advanced nanomaterialsGiannetto, Marco; Fortunati, SimoneDoctoral thesis