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4-Mar-2010Molecular Engineering of PNA Using Modified Uracil Derivatives and PorphyrinsCorradini, Roberto; Marchelli, Rosangela; Accetta, AlessandroDoctoral thesis
4-Mar-2010Tuning PNA Properties by Chemical Modifications: Design Synthesis and ApplicationsMarchelli, Rosangela; Sforza, Stefano; Calabretta, AlessandroDoctoral thesis
Mar-2010The role of the shape in multicomponent crystalsBacchi, Alessia; Carcelli, Mauro; Chiodo, TizianaDoctoral thesis
4-Mar-2010Immunoassay and Mass Spectrometry Analytical Methods for Targeted Proteomic AnalysisMangia, Alessandro; Elviri, Lisa; Terenghi, MattiaDoctoral thesis
4-Mar-2010Synthesis and Properties of Calix[n]arene Receptors for the Preparation of “Active” Organic-Inorganic Hybrid MaterialsSecchi, Andrea; Pochini, Andrea; Pescatori, LucaDoctoral thesis
4-Mar-2010Development of selective and eco-efficient synthetic processes promoted by heterogeneous catalysts or ionic liquidsBigi, Franca; Quarantelli, CarlaDoctoral thesis
4-Mar-2010Synthetic ligands in bioorganic chemistry: guanidinium-mediated ion transport and gene delivery and development of a b-sheet propensity scaleSansone, Francesco; Ungaro, Rocco; Bagnacani, ValentinaDoctoral thesis
2011Development and application of new materials and devices for sample treatment and MS-based analytical methodsMangia, Alessandro; Bianchi, Federica; Mattarozzi, MonicaDoctoral thesis
8-Mar-2017Chelating ligands: new approaches in bioinorganic chemistryCarcelli, Mauro; Gatti, AnnaDoctoral thesis
17-Mar-2017Progress in photovoltaic cells based on Low-Temperature Pulsed-Electron-Deposited Cu(In,Ga)Se2 filmsGilioli, Edmondo; Annoni, FilippoDoctoral thesis