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Dottorato in Scienze chimiche e in Scienza e tecnologia dei materiali innovativi.

Il Dottorato in Science chimiche afferisce al Dipartimento di Chimica Generale ed Inorganica, Chimica Analitica, Chimica Fisica e al Dipartimento di Chimica Organica e Industriale.

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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2024From the genesis to the application: design of cocrystals based on natural ingredients and monitoring of their synthesis and activationBacchi, Alessia; Mazzeo, Paolo Pio; Prencipe, MicheleDoctoral thesis
2024Synthesis and studies of small molecule- and calixarene-based ligands for interaction with biomacromoleculesSansone, Francesco; Bacchi, Alessia; Dell'Accantera, DavideDoctoral thesis
21-Mar-2024Innovative analytical strategies for food safety: biorecognition platforms and emerging mass spectrometry-based techniquesMattarozzi, Monica; Toma, LorenzoDoctoral thesis
Mar-2024Smart electrochemical biosensors for Point-of-Care testingGiannetto, Marco; Giliberti, ChiaraDoctoral thesis
2024Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA)-mediated self-assembly for nano-biotechnologyCorradini, Roberto; Manicardi, Alex; Capodaglio, SabrinaDoctoral thesis
21-Feb-2024Metals in medicine: bioinorganic chemistry to fight infectious diseases and cancer.Pelosi, Giorgio; Scaccaglia, MircoDoctoral thesis
2024Advances in organometallic chemistry: from ligand design to cascade reactivityMaestri, Giovanni; Ruggeri, DavideDoctoral thesis
21-Jan-2024Salification and cocrystallization to ameliorate physiochemical properties of drugs. Investigation of their interactions inside liposomal formulation with Small Angle X-ray Scattering.MarchiĆ², Luciano; Bacchi, Alessia; Baraldi, LauraDoctoral thesis
2023Multivalent peptido and glycocalixarenes as ligands for microorganismsBaldini, Laura; Vezzoni, Carlo AlbertoDoctoral thesis
2023Cellulose nanocrystals: from extraction to applicationsGraiff, Claudia; Bergamonti, Laura; Potenza, MariannaDoctoral thesis
2023Organic dyes in condensed media: photophysics beyond gas phaseTerenziani, Francesca; Painelli, Anna; Phan Huu, Dang Khoa AndreaDoctoral thesis
2023Bioinorganic strategies for the development of metal-enzymes inhibitors and compounds with antitumor activityCarcelli, Mauro; Miglioli, FrancescaDoctoral thesis
2023Guest encapsulation in calixarenes: properties and reactivity of caged ions and moleculesSecchi, Andrea; Cera, Gianpiero; Cester Bonati, FedericaDoctoral thesis
2023Catalytic strategies to trigger challenging Diels-Alder cyclisations under mild conditionsCamedda, Nicola Camedda; Camedda, NicolaDoctoral thesis
2022DNA aptamer- and PNA-based sensing systemsKnoll, Wolfgang; Corradini, Roberto; Careri, Maria; Curti, FedericaDoctoral thesis
2022Innovative miniaturized sample treatment techniques for the determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons as organic tracers in snow and ice core samplesCareri, Maria; Bianchi, Federica; Arcoleo, AngelaDoctoral thesis
2022Copper/histidine sites in designed peptides and artificial proteinsTegoni, Matteo; Gentili, SilviaDoctoral thesis
2022Combining lignin with metals for agrochemical applicationsPelagatti, Paolo; Gazzurelli, CristinaDoctoral thesis
2022Porous materials for catalytic applications: from coordination polymers to metal organic frameworksMarchiĆ², Luciano; Bonfant, GiuliaDoctoral thesis
3-May-2022Catalytic Protocols for Sustainable Cyclisation, Carbonylation, and PhotooxidationDella Ca', Nicola; Voronov, AleksandrDoctoral thesis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 135