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2008Cellular mechanisms of arrhythmias: from rate-dependent APD variations to heterocellular couplingZaniboni, Massimiliano; Rohr, Stephan; Salvarani, NicolòDoctoral thesis
2008Spatial behaviour of the yellow-necked mouse (Apodemus flavicollis, Melchior 1834) at contrasting population density and resource availabilityNieder, Luis; Cagnacci, Francesca; Stradiotto, AnnaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2008Identification of Human Unselected Mesenchymal-like Myocardial Cells (HUMMCs)Quaini, Federico; Frati, CaterinaDoctoral thesis
2009Psychobiological Investigation on Sociosexual Behavior in Male: Preclinical and Clinical StudiesParmigiani, Stefano; Dadomo, HaroldDoctoral thesis
Mar-2009Cooperation, leadership and numerical assessment of opponents in conflicts between groups of feral dogs (Canis lupus familiaris)Valsecchi, Paola; Bonanni, RobertoDoctoral thesis
2009Polimorfismi del recettore del frammento costante delle immunoglobuline G ed efficacia clinica del trattamento con Trastuzumab in pazienti affette da carcinoma mammario metastatico HER-2 positivoBordi, Cesare; Musolino, AntoninoDoctoral thesis
27-Mar-2009Cardiac electromechanical performance following stem cell based regenerative therapies in infarcted rat heartMusso, Ezio; Savi, MoniaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2008Dinamiche sociali in un gruppo di cani domestici (Canis lupus familiaris) liberi in ambiente suburbanoValsecchi, Paola; Natoli, Eugenia; Cafazzo, SimonaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2008Local Gene Transfer with Nerve Growth Factor Promotes Reparative Neovascularisation in a Mouse Model of Myocardial InfarctionStilli, Donatella; Emanueli, Costanza; Meloni, MarcoDoctoral thesis
Apr-2008Study of malting quality and frost tolerance in the winter x spring 'Nure x Tremois’ doubled haploid population and development of a Marker-Assisted Selection programmeStanca, Antonio Michele; Laidò, GiovanniDoctoral thesis