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Al Dipartimento di Biologia Evolutiva e Funzionale afferiscono i Dottorati in Biologia del comportamento, Biologia vegetale, Biotecnologie, Ecologia, Fisiopatologia sistemica.

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Data di deposito in Discendente order): 1 to 20 of 132
AnteprimaData di edizioneTitoloAutore/iTipologia
2022Contribution of applied biology to mitigation of urban air pollution and prevention of its effects on health and environmentMaestri, Elena; Vogli, MegiDoctoral thesis
2022Expression profiling of the developing rabbit lungMontanini, Barbara; Ricci, FrancescaDoctoral thesis
2022The yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae: a helpful tool to study mutations in genes associated with Hereditary Optic Neuropathies (HON)Baruffini, Enrico; Degiorgi, AndreaDoctoral thesis
2022Varianti genetiche nel pathway della calcio calmodulina in associazione con malattie cardiovascolari: focus sul potenziale ruolo di CaMKK1 nel cuore e nei vasiBuschini, Annamaria; Beghi, SofiaDoctoral thesis
2022Identification and characterization of new enzymes involved in bacterial phosphonate catabolismPeracchi, Alessio; Zangelmi, ErikaDoctoral thesis
2022Applications of mass spectrometry-based proteomics to characterize preclinical animal modelsMontanini, Barbara; Faietti, Maria LauraDoctoral thesis
2022Potential health risks and biomedical applications of engineered inorganic nanoparticlesRuotolo, Roberta; Marmiroli, Nelson; De Giorgio, GiuseppeDoctoral thesis
2022Antibacterial Compounds targeting the DNA Polymerase III HoloenzymeMontanini, Barbara; Caputo, AlessiaDoctoral thesis
2022Hyperoxia-exposed preterm rabbit BPD models biomolecular characterizationOttonello, Simone; Storti, MatteoDoctoral thesis
2021Filling the holes in metabolic pathways through Big Data analysis and experimental validationPercudani, Riccardo; Malatesta, MarcoDoctoral thesis
mag-2021Biochar as a sustainable nano-fertilizerMarmiroli, Marta; Pantalone, SerenaDoctoral thesis
2021Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a system for studying molecular basis of mitochondrial diseases and evaluating the effects of potentially beneficial moleculesDonnini, Claudia; Di Punzio, GiuliaDoctoral thesis
mag-2021Biomolecular characterization of a rat model of lung fibrosis: investigation of its translational potential in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)Ottonello, Simone; Bonatti, MartinaDoctoral thesis
mar-2021Genomic and ecological studies of key human microbiota membersTurroni, Francesca; Mancino, WalterDoctoral thesis
13-mar-2020Development of innovative technologies for the management of aflatoxin contaminationRestivo, Francesco Maria; Spadola, GiorgioDoctoral thesis
13-mar-2020Effects of metal-based nanomaterials on gametogenesis in different model organismsRuotolo, Roberta; Rossi, RiccardoDoctoral thesis
13-mar-2020Cellular and molecular approaches to the study of Erdheim-Chester Disease and Chronic PeriaortitisMoroni, Gabriella; Nicastro, MariaDoctoral thesis
13-mar-2020Anti-amyloid-β oligomer activity of human phenyl-γ-valerolactone metabolites and the use of yeast model systems to study amyloid neurodegenerative pathologiesOttonello, Simone; Minato, IlariaDoctoral thesis
2020Reliable molecular markers to assess the potential genotoxicity of metal based ENM in plantsMarmiroli, Marta; Jacopo, MagnaniDoctoral thesis
13-mar-2020Insights into Alu retrotransposons: mechanism of Alu transcriptome alteration in response to virus infection and novel effects on gene expressionDieci, Giorgio; Cantarella, SimonaDoctoral thesis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Data di deposito in Discendente order): 1 to 20 of 132