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Apr-2021Mannitol polymorphs as carrier in dpis formulations: isolation characterization and performanceBettini, Ruggero; Altay Benetti, AycaDoctoral thesis
Apr-2021In vivo and in vitro modulation of the Eph/ephrin System as a key element in intestinal inflammationBarocelli, Elisabetta; Palese, SimoneDoctoral thesis
Apr-2021New integrin-targeted small molecule peptidomimetics and their covalent conjugates as potential biomedical tools in oncology- and fibrosis-related diseasesBattistini, Lucia; Bugatti, KellyDoctoral thesis
Apr-2021Buccal route for fast multimodal analgesia for the treatment of moderate-to-severe acute pain: feasibility and enhancement strategiesPadula, Cristina; Palese, LucaDoctoral thesis
Apr-2021Synthesis of new potential inhibitors for the enzyme N-Acylethanolamine Acid Amidase and investigation of substrate specificityPiomelli, Daniele; Ghidini, AndreaDoctoral thesis
Apr-2021Complex between S. aureus hemophore and human hemoglobin as a target for novel antimicrobial agents: from complex characterization to compounds identificationCampanini, Barbara; De Bei, OmarDoctoral thesis
Apr-2021Design and development of innovative formulations with low environmental impact applied to swine breedingBettini, Ruggero; Angel Alarcon, Diana CarolinaDoctoral thesis
Apr-2020Inhalation drug products of loaded calcium phosphate nanoparticles for heart targetingSonvico, Fabio; Colombo, Paolo; Quarta, ErideDoctoral thesis
2022Novel Adjuvant Strategies to overcome Antimicrobial ResistanceCostantino, Gabriele; Pavone, MarialauraDoctoral thesis
2022Innovative strategies for non-invasive vaccines administrationSanti, Patrizia; Fantini, AdrianaDoctoral thesis