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Mar-2020Inhibition of FGFR and EGFR signalling by ligand traps and kinase inhibitors for anti-cancer drug discoveryMor, Marco; Marseglia, GiuseppeDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020Development of three-dimensional printed scaffold prototypes as dressings and implants intended for the treatment of skin tissue regenerative-related pathologiesElviri, Lisa; Bergonzi, CarloDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020Convergent medicinal chemistry approaches against susceptible and resistant mycobacterial infectionsCostantino, Gabriele; Girardini, MiriamDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020Lipoprotein-mediated brain cholesterol transport: a potential pharmacological target in Alzheimer’s DiseaseBernini, Franco; Marchi, CinziaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020Sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P)/S1P1 receptor axis in macrophages: role in atherogenesis and inflammationZanotti, Ilaria; Nofer, Jerzy-Roch; Scalera, EnricaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020Formulation study of cysteamine microparticulate systemsRossi, Alessandra; Adorni, GretaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020Identificazione e caratterizzazione di un nuovo sistema tossina-antitossina isolato dal L. rhamnosusFolli, Claudia; Yabre, KorotoumDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020Disclosing dynamics and structural features of cysteine synthase complexBettati, Stefano; Rosa, BrendaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020Identificazione e caratterizzazione farmacologica di nuovi antagonisti del sistema EPH/EPHRINTognolini, Massimiliano; Corrado, MiriamDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020Protein therapeutics for clinical applications: Hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers and modulation of their oxygen-binding propertiesBruno, Stefano; Alomari, Esra'a Ali MohammadDoctoral thesis