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6-Jun-2008Migrants’ transfers and educational expenditure: empirical evidence from AlbaniaCattaneo, Cristina; Fondazione Eni Enrico MatteiConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Exchange Rates and Inflation in EMU Countries: Preliminary Empirical EvidenceMoscianese Santori, Marco; Sdogati, Fabio; Politecnico di MilanoConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Does ownership matter? A comparison of foreign-owned and domestic firms in transition countriesMaggioni, Daniela; Università Politecnica delle MarchePresentation
6-Jun-2008China's Foreign Exchange Regime and Financial PoliciesFu, Bo; University of TsukubaConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Price Convergence and Market Integration in ChinaFan, Simon C.; Ma, Yue; Wei, Xiangdong; Lingnan University, Hong Kong; Xiamen UniversityConference lecture
6-Jun-2008International payments imbalances and the prospective role of the euroTerzi, Andrea; Franklin CollegeConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Institutional Change, Regional Features and Economic Performance in EU’s Transition CountriesMarelli, Enrico; Signorelli, Marcello; University of Brescia; University of PerugiaConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Economic growth and welfare in a OLG model with regulated wages and consumption taxesFanti, Luciano; Gori, Luca; University of PisaConference lecture
10-Jul-2008The economics of TheocracyFerrero, Mario; University of Eastern PiedmontConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Trade, outsourcing and skilled to unskilled wage bill ratio in CEECs manufacturingEsposito, Piero; University of Rome “La Sapienza”Conference lecture