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6-Jun-2008Import, Export and Turnover in MoroccoBottini, Novella; Gasiorek, Michael; University of Pavia; Sussex UniversityConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Institutional Change, Regional Features and Economic Performance in EU’s Transition CountriesMarelli, Enrico; Signorelli, Marcello; University of Brescia; University of PerugiaConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Explaining Factors Affecting Energy Demand Elasticity: Does the Quality of Institutions Matter?Suslov, Nikita; Novosibirsk State UniversityConference lecture
6-Jun-2008The Single Market and the development of "Europeans champions"Mosconi, Franco; University of ParmaConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Redundancies in an industry in transition: who gets fired and why?Rinaldi, Gustavo; Imperial College LondonConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Comparing innovation systems for solar photovoltaics in the United Kingdom and in ChinaMarigo, Nicoletta; Foxon, T.J.; Pearson, P.J.; Imperial College LondonConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Income distribution in an open developing economy: do monetary and exchange rate policy matter?Michetti, Elisabetta; Tropeano, Domenica; University of MacerataConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Post-socialist transformation and growth regime: some comments about the Chinese caseCharles, Sébastien; El Karouni, Ilyess; University of Paris 8Conference lecture
6-Jun-2008Forms of Industrial Development in Chinese Specialized Towns: An Italian PerspectiveBellandi, Marco; Caloffi, Annalisa; University of FlorenceConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Effetti da “sindrome” nell’economia russaMaletto, Francesco; University of Roma "La Sapienza"Conference lecture