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6-Jun-2008One market, how many social models? Policy and performance indicators for the EU - 27Rovelli, Riccardo; University of BolognaConference lecture
6-Jun-2008How much integration after the enlargement?Tajoli, Lucia; Politecnico di MilanoConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Spillover effects of FDI on employment levels of the service sector in IranGhavidel, Saleh; Islamic Azad University, TeheranConference lecture
6-Jun-2008La salvaguardia della libertà di entrata e di uscita dal mercato quale elemento fondante di una corretta ed efficace politica per la concorrenzaGraffi, Alessandro; University of MilanoConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Serbia: economically catching up, politically lagging behindUvalic, Milica; University of PerugiaConference lecture
6-Jun-2008The value of international outsourcing: an empirical study of Veneto clothing industryGianelle, Carlo; Tattara, Giuseppe; University of Siena; University of VeneziaConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Research and development expenditure and cooperation of public and private sector in r&d in the Czech RepublicSzarowská, Irena; Silesian University in OpavaConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Talking Less and Moving the Market More: Is this the Recipe for Monetary Policy Effectiveness? Evidence from the ECB and the FedRosa, Carlo; Verga, Giovanni; University of Parma; Ente Luigi Einaudi, RomaConference lecture
6-Jun-2008FDI potential and shortfalls in the MED AND CEECS: determinants and diversion effectsFerragina, Anna; Pastore, Francesco; University of Salerno; Second University of NapoliConference lecture
6-Jun-2008Labor Market Regulation and Retirement AgeMagnani, Marco; University of ParmaConference lecture