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26-Jan-2010Information management functions in national economies. An analysis of the information sector in AustriaHayes, Robert M.; Karlics, Karin; Schlögl, ChristianConference lecture
25-Jan-2010Digital literacies for amateurs and professionalsKoltay, Tibor; Takács, EszterConference lecture
26-Jan-2010Undergraduate LIS education in the U.S. and Europe: practices and trendsDugan, CharlottePresentation
26-Jan-2010Difficulties in accessing information in libraries: pilot study of Osijek library customersPetr Balog, Kornelija; Pavić, Tihana; Šmider, MarinelaConference lecture
26-Jan-2010What is worth of digitizing: the selection criteriaBašić, Josipa; Hasenay, Damir; Krtalić, MajaConference lecture
26-Jan-2010Benefiting from a unique situation. Experiences within an ERASMUS Intensive Programme at the Berlin School of Library and Information SciencePannier, Gertrud; Metz, Katja; Rumler, Jana; Wilhelm, Heike; Drenovski, Vladimir; Greil, MichaelConference lecture
26-Jan-2010Bibliographic control of foreign languages: the case of displaying Cyrillic characters in online catalog at the University of FloridaAissing, AlenaConference lecture
26-Jan-2010Project Panorama - vistas on validated informationSieverts, Eric; Linden, Marjolein van der; Kircz, JoostConference lecture
27-Jan-2010Are users interested in library blogs?Tóth, MátéConference lecture
26-Jan-2010Libraries and the national public information system. Bridging the digital divide in the world of e-governmentLuterek, Mariusz; Grzymała, Justyna; Reda, AleksandraConference lecture