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Title: Marlowe returns: da “Murder, My Sweet” a “Farewell, My Lovely”
Authors: Piccardi, Adriano
Issue Date: 2021
Document Type: Article
Abstract: Farewell My Lovely (1975) di Dick Richards, è un remake, ma non soltanto del film Murder, My Sweet ( 1944) di Edward Dmytryk. Vi si instaura, oltre a un dialogo tra due testi separati da tre decenni e dal passaggio dal cinema classico a quello moderno, anche un aperto confronto con il testo letterario di partenza, il romanzo di Raymond Chandler Farewell My Lovely (1940).
Dick Richards’s Farewell My Lovely (1975) is a remake of – but not only – Edward Dmytryk’s film, Murder, My Sweet (1944). This essay explores the dialogue between Richards’s film and two texts, as well as between classical and modern cinema. In addition, it offers a close comparision between Richard’s film and its hypotext, Raymond Chandler’s novel, Farewell My Lovely (1940).
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