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Apr-2015Respirable particles for inhalatory treatment of pulmonary bacterial infectionsColombo, Paolo; Buttini, Francesca; Rossi, Alessandra; Belotti, SilviaDoctoral thesis
14-May-2009Innovazione nella somministrazione orale di farmaci: assemblaggio di moduli di rilascio in sistemi per il rilascio modificato di farmaci in associazioneColombo, Paolo; Strusi, Orazio LucaDoctoral thesis
7-Mar-2018Enhancing strategies to promote macromolecules transport across ocular barriersSanti, Patrizia; Grimaudo, Maria AuroraDoctoral thesis
Mar-2019Development of polysaccharide nanoparticles for the nasal administration of drugs for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseasesSonvico, Fabio; Clementino, Adryana RochaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020Development of three-dimensional printed scaffold prototypes as dressings and implants intended for the treatment of skin tissue regenerative-related pathologiesElviri, Lisa; Bergonzi, CarloDoctoral thesis
Mar-2019Inhalable dry powders for pulmonary vaccinationBettini, Ruggero; Rossi, IreneDoctoral thesis
Mar-2019Nasal powders for delivery of disease modifying agents in early treatment of Alzheimer’s disease: formulation and characterizationColombo, Gaia; Tiozzo Fasiolo, LauraDoctoral thesis
Apr-2021Mannitol polymorphs as carrier in dpis formulations: isolation characterization and performanceBettini, Ruggero; Altay Benetti, AycaDoctoral thesis
Apr-2021Buccal route for fast multimodal analgesia for the treatment of moderate-to-severe acute pain: feasibility and enhancement strategiesPadula, Cristina; Palese, LucaDoctoral thesis
Apr-2021Design and development of innovative formulations with low environmental impact applied to swine breedingBettini, Ruggero; Angel Alarcon, Diana CarolinaDoctoral thesis