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Title: La valutazione dei foraggi affienati nell'alimentazione bovina dal punto di vista medico-veterinario
Other Titles: Evaluation of hay fodder in bovine feeding from a medical-veterinary point of view
Authors: Panarelli, Damiano
Issue Date: 4-Nov-2021
Publisher: Università di Parma. Dipartimento di Scienze medico-veterinarie
Document Type: Master thesis
Abstract: A proper nutrients intake through the diet is the basis for the maintenance of animal health and welfare. As far as the feeding of dairy cows is concerned, hayed fodder (which plays a primary role in the feed ration in specific geographic areas) besides providing nutrients essential to the life of the animal, can carry elements that are dangerous for their health, for hygienic safety and for the quality of its derivatives. For this reason it is necessary to analyze hay fodder starting from a correct sampling of the whole lot, of which a first sensorial evaluation is made: parameters such as botanical species and varieties, leafiness, ratio between leaves/stalks, aspect/consistence, color, smell, presence of molds, presence of flowers, presence of foreign materials and temperature are analyzed. Subsequently a chemical evaluation is carried out for the determination of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and ashes. The quality of hayed fodder is also evaluated according to its digestibility. Hayed fodder must be healthy and free from biological, microbiological, chemical and physical hazards that may compromise the health of the animal and, through its derivatives, of the final consumer. Correct management procedures of zootechnical waste, good hygienic practices and precise haymaking processes allow to give the cow a quality hay from the hygienic and sanitary point of view.
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