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dc.contributor.advisorGnudi, Giacomo-
dc.contributor.advisorAuletta, Patrizia-
dc.contributor.authorGrifa, Antonio Pio-
dc.description.abstractThe following degree thesis aims to analyze from many points of view one of the most frequent pathologies of females of Testudo hermanni in captivity, the classic Mediterranean tortoise, more accurately, the retention of eggs or dystocia, analyzing the etiology, the risk factors, the methods for a correct diagnosis and the types of treatment that can be implemented according to the scientific literature. Species taken into consideration are discussed, starting therefore from the zoological classification, up to analyzing the main morphological characteristics and functional traits. In addition, the aspects of management and feeding in captivity are focused, aspects to be taken into consideration when we are dealing with this pathology. The anatomical and physiological aspects of the reproductive system of females and the specific basic aspects for the study of this pathology are discussed. The main pathologies of the female reproductive system of the turtle, which can also be recurring in the course of dystocia, are considered. The specific concepts of the pathology under consideration will then be analyzed, namely the definition, prevalence, etiology, clinical signs and anamnestic elements to be taken into consideration. The most advanced techniques of dystocia diagnostics will then be illustrated specifically, relating the main differences between the techniques used. Finally, the treatments that can be implemented during dystocia will be described, which can be summarized in medical treatment and surgical treatment.en_US
dc.publisherUniversità di Parma. Dipartimento di Scienze medico-veterinarieen_US
dc.rights© Antonio Pio Grifa, 2021en_US
dc.subjectTestudo hermannien_US
dc.titleDiagnosi e terapia della ritenzione delle uova nelle testudo Hermannien_US
dc.title.alternativeDiagnosis and therapy of egg retention in testudo Hermannien_US
dc.typeMaster thesisen_US
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