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Title: Diagnosi differenziale della sindrome vestibolare nel coniglio da compagnia
Other Titles: Differential diagnosis of vestibular syndrome in pet rabbit
Authors: Marani, Elisa
Issue Date: 9-Sep-2021
Publisher: Università di Parma. Dipartimento di Scienze Medico - Veterinarie
Document Type: Bachelor thesis
Abstract: The vestibular syndrome is the most common neurologic disease in pet rabbit. Common symptoms of vestibular disease in rabbit are head tilt, nystagmus, ataxia, loose of balance and seizure. The causes of this syndrome may be varying such as otitis, infectious disease, neoplastic disease, parasitic infections and trauma. The differential diagnosis in this syndrome is essential to formulate a therapy and a prognosis. A good anamnesis and physical examination are important during the diagnosis process specially to detect symptoms of infectious disease. The neurological examination instead can provide information about the localization of the lesion. Further investigation such as laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging are useful only if correlated whit clinical symptoms of the patient. An ultimate definitive diagnosis is indispensable to establish a therapy that can lead to healing in the patient. Formulating a prognosis is also necessary to establish if the animal can heal from the disease or if euthanasia is required.
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