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Title: Report on quality assurance models in LIS programs
Authors: Tammaro, Anna Maria
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: IFLA
Document Type: Technical Report
Abstract: IFLA ET Section has been studying the issue of equivalence and reciprocal recognition of academic qualifications in LIS since 1977 and its current activities still include the problems of international reciprocity/equivalency of qualifications and Library and Information Science (LIS) School guidelines. The goals of these efforts are to facilitate the mobility of students and to increase employability. The need to reinforce the comparability of Higher Education internationally through quality assurance systems is now becoming more pressing for IFLA due to the WTO GATS agreement on commoditization of education. The internationalisation of higher education systems could give the opportunity for improving the skills of individual students and to increase the quality of the national LIS higher education systems. At the Berlin Conference in 2003, the IFLA Education and Training Section approved a survey on quality assurance models in LIS programs, aimed at achieving greater transparency of professional qualifications and increasing international cooperation of LIS schools for quality assurance and accreditation. Two overarching priorities guided the survey: • To explore the issue of quality as currently measured in worldwide LIS schools; • To provide support for promoting quality in LIS education and training. The primary purpose of this survey was to gather data from a sufficient number of LIS schools from each region of the world about current quality assurance processes, priorities and concerns. The study required an investigation of quality assurance models worldwide, collecting data about current quality measurement, quality assurance systems, LIS guidelines and standards. The methodology has been based on a literary and documentary review and on a questionnaire which has been sent to a selection of LIS Schools. The total of replies received were 31%. Quality assurance has been considered a strategic importance for LIS schools in at least two approaches: 1) the professional association accreditation of the program, 2) the government agency accreditation of the program. There is a third quality assurance model, based on educational standards, less used in LIS schools (only 10%), focused on the educational process. The survey has shown that there is often (58%) the same quality assessment procedure, in four steps: 1) external evaluation always begins with self-evaluation, 2) site visit (evaluation by impartial experts, usually from the field of study concerned) using LIS or general guidelines, 3) public reports (of which only 41% are publicly available) are then done, 4) follow up. Regarding what quality assurance covers, it can be said that quality assurance in LIS is more focused on resources and curriculum design (76% and 64%) than on outcomes (52%) and student evaluation (58%). The main finding of the survey has been a quality model, which is based on a taxonomy(ies) covering quality criteria/processes/definitions to describe, specify, and understand critical properties, characteristics, and metrics of quality in LIS. Three models of quality assurance have emerged from various LIS guidelines and standards: 1) program orientation, 2) educational process orientation, 3) learning outcomes orientation. Further studies are needed for developing an international policy approach to quality assurance and accreditation. Recommendations are given for stimulating sharing data and experiences between LIS Schools and creating link between quality assurance and recognition collaborating inside IFLA Sections.
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