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dc.contributor.advisorCrosara, Serena-
dc.contributor.authorConsigliere, Francesco-
dc.description.abstractPhysical activity is generally associated with cardiac remodeling, both in human and dog athletes. Cardiac remodeling was found in racing and sled dogs, who showed adaptations to isometric and mixed efforts respectively. The objective of this study was to assess physiological cardiac remodeling in dogs that carried out regular physical activity (agility and hunting), also examining the differences in remodeling between dogs underwent isometric, isotonic and mixed efforts. Seventy-eight dogs were included in the study and were divided into three groups: control group (n=20), hunting dogs (n=42) and agility dogs (n=16). Dogs from the control group did not practise a regular physical activity. Dogs were categorized as hunting or agility dogs if they perform physical exercise (hunting or agility respectively) at least twice a week from at least six months. All dogs underwent an echocardiographic examination, in which the following parameters were examined: left ventricle (LV) volume in diastole and in systole, LV diameter in systole (LVDs) and in diastole (LVDd), relative wall thickness (RWT), S-Index, left atrium (LA) volume and ratio between the dimensions of the LA and of the aortic root (LA/Ao). An increase in the LV volume in systole (p = 0.019), LV diameter in diastole (p = 0.0118) and LA volume (p = 0.02) was observed in the hunting dogs group when compared with the control group. The LA/Ao was greater in the agility group than the control group (p = 0.046). The LV volume in diastole was greater in the hunting group than the agility group (p = 0.04). There were no significant differences in the RWT and in the S-Index between the three
dc.publisherUniversità di Parma. Dipartimento di Scienze Medico-Veterinarieit
dc.relation.ispartofseriesTesi di laurea magistrale a ciclo unico in Scienze medico-veterinarieit
dc.rights© Francesco Consigliere, 2019it
dc.subjectCardiac remodeling in the athlete dogit
dc.subjectCardiac remodeling in the human athleteit
dc.subjectCardiac hypertrophyit
dc.titleIl rimodellamento cardiaco nel cane atletait
dc.title.alternativeCardiac remodeling in the athlete dogit
dc.typeBachelor thesisit
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