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dc.contributor.advisorVitale, Marco-
dc.contributor.authorRuscitti, Francesca-
dc.description.abstractAsthma is a multifactorial disease for which a variety of mouse models have been developed. A major drawback of these models is represented by the transient nature of the airway pathology peaking 24 to 72 hours after challenge and resolving in 1 to 2 weeks. The objective of this study is to characterize the temporal evolution of pulmonary inflammation and remodeling in a recently described mouse model of chronic asthma (8 week treatment with 3 allergens relevant for the human pathology: Dust mite, Ragweed, and Aspergillus; DRA). We studied the DRA model taking advantage of fluorescence molecular tomography (FMT) imaging using near-infrared probes to non-invasively evaluate lung inflammation and airway remodeling. At 4, 6, 8 or 11 weeks, cathepsin- and metalloproteinase-dependent fluorescence was evaluated in vivo. A subgroup of animals, after 4 weeks of DRA, was treated with Budesonide (100 µg/kg intranasally) daily for 4 weeks. Cathepsin-dependent fluorescence in DRA-sensitized mice resulted significantly increased at 6 and 8 weeks, and was markedly inhibited by budesonide. This fluorescent signal well correlated with ex vivo analysis such as bronchoalveolar lavage eosinophils and alveolar cell infiltration. Metalloproteinase-dependent fluorescence was significantly increased at 8 and 11 weeks, nicely correlated with collagen deposition, as evaluated histologically by Masson’s Trichrome staining, and airway epithelium hypertrophy, and was also partly inhibited by budesonide. In conclusion, FMT proved suitable for longitudinal study to evaluate asthma progression, both in terms of inflammatory cell infiltration and airway remodeling, allowing the determination of treatment efficacy in a chronic asthma model in
dc.publisherUniversità di Parma. Dipartimento di Medicina Clinica e Sperimentaleit
dc.relation.ispartofseriesDottorato di ricerca in Fisiopatologia respiratoria sperimentale e diagnostica funzionale per immagini del sistema cardio-polmonareit
dc.rights@ Francesca Ruscitti, 2016it
dc.titleMonitoring inflammation and airway remodeling by FMT in a chronic asthma modelit
dc.typeDoctoral thesisit
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