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Title: Il metodo di Ernesto Nathan Rogers e l'invenzione di Gio Ponti. Consapevolezza tra arte, architettura e vita
Other Titles: Ernesto Nathan Rogers Architectural method and Gio Ponti invention. Art, architecture and lifes of two main masters
Authors: Visentin, Chiara
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Aracne
Document Type: Article
Abstract: Ernesto Nathan Rogers Method and Gio Ponti Invention: consciousness among art, architecture and life. A rare empathy with the art world and ethic instruments for these two different protagonists in a Post II World War Italy that wants to grow with multi-faceted intellectual activity. Diverse positions and aims, with equal responsibility for a truly integral Italian architecture, on one hand ''able to design and detail'' of the other to follow ethics and democracy in the profession. If Ponti writes: ''The architects? Is not their a profession but a grace”, Rogers replied that architecture is a carefulness engagement, a commitment. Two faces become necessities of life, eros and logos, Calvino's lightness of memory (companion of every Pontian creation) in contrast to ideological confrontation. United in diversity, figures needed in mutual consideration of their specific features, shape in crucial stage of the debate about modern architecture, in the common perception of the powerful legacy of history, to be reinterpreted today in the transverse architecture stifled by the logic of contract and subservience to fashion.
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