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dc.contributor.authorLuterek, Mariusz-
dc.contributor.authorGrzymała, Justyna-
dc.contributor.authorReda, Aleksandra-
dc.description.abstractThe main objective of this paper is to specify guidelines for integration of library system and e-government system at central, regional and local level through the identification of key recommendations. The guidelines in question are to ensure systemic control of the organization and circulation of information, resources (e.g. databases) and public services. Conclusions for guidelines on the public information system in Poland are based on the results of the analysis involving general characterization of e-government, research on the uniformity and centralization of 10 national public information systems and detailed characterization of e-government in the United States of America, the European Union and
dc.subjectpublic information systemit
dc.subjectpublic librariesit
dc.titleLibraries and the national public information system. Bridging the digital divide in the world of e-governmentit
dc.typeConference lectureit
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