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dc.contributor.authorJohnson, Ian M.-
dc.description.abstractThis paper reviews the challenges facing librarians and other information specialists in terms of employers’ expectations, and how the necessary skills could be developed in professional education. It focuses on the role of writing in professional education and in library leadership. The paper emphasises how written work submitted during professional education not only enriches subject knowledge, but also enhances time-management skills and could embed a reflective, evidenced-based approach to professional practice, develop advocacy skills, and underpin efforts to enhance personal professional standing. The papers submitted for the competition organised annually since 1996 by the journal Libri for the best paper recently completed by a student are considered, and the subsequent careers of some of the early winners are discussed on the basis of information available on the
dc.subjectLibrary leadershipit
dc.subjectWriting skillsit
dc.subjectProfessional educationit
dc.titleA tiresome exercise, or a first step in library leadership?it
dc.typeConference lectureit
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