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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
25-Jan-2010A Community Informatics Approach to Libraries and the Digital DivideWilliams, Kate; Pederson, Anna; Takazawa, AikoPresentation
11-Apr-2013A comparison of different classification methodsCerioli, Andrea; Morelli, GianlucaDoctoral thesis
BONACORSI conceptual nois detail_web.jpg.jpg1-Oct-2012[A conceptual noise..., dettaglio]Bonacorsi, IvoImage
BONACORSI a conceptual noise_web.jpg.jpg1-Oct-2012[a conceptual noise...]Bonacorsi, IvoImage
1-Oct-2012A conceptual noise…Bonacorsi, Ivo; Longari, ElisabettaWorking Paper
2019A deep learning approach to lane detectionBroggi, Alberto; Allodi, MarcoDoctoral thesis
2011A DHT-based Peer-to-peer Architecture for Distributed Internet ApplicationsVeltri, Luca; Cirani, SimoneDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020A general design for a scalable MPI-GPU Shallow Water Equations solver on a multi-resolution gridVacondio, Renato; Dal Palù, Alessandro; Turchetto, MassimilianoDoctoral thesis
10-Mar-2017A glimpse on the genomic evolution of bifidobacteriaVentura, Marco; Lugli, Gabriele AndreaDoctoral thesis
Jun-2011A la manière de... CasellaMinardi, Gian PaoloArticle
26-Jan-2010A library for Bukoba. Addressing the divide in TanzaniaBuckles, ChristinaPresentation
1-Apr-2019A lighting systemStratmann, Veit; Stratmann, VeitAnimation
2014A multidisciplinary approach to physical-biological interactions in early life history of marine populationsDe Leo, Giulio; Gatto, Marino; Melià, Paco; Bevacqua, Daniele; Schiavina, MarcelloDoctoral thesis
2012"A Myriad of Literary Impressions". L’intertextualité dans le roman anglophone contemporain, Sous la direction de E. Walezak & J. Dupont, Saint Estève, Presses Universitaires de Perpignan, 2010 [recensione – review]Capitani, Maria ElenaArticle
Mar-2019A novel scaffold for nanobody selection and expression suitable for diagnostic and therapeutic applicationsBolchi, Angelo; Ottonello, Simone; Garrapa, ValentinaDoctoral thesis
2016A numerical and experimental study on energy saving solutions for mobile hydraulic machineryCasoli, Paolo; Riccò, LucaDoctoral thesis
16-Mar-2017A PARTIRE DAL TEATRO. LE SCRITTURE DI JON FOSSE.Allegri, Luigi; Bambozzi, ManuelaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020A Path Through Sustainability, Ethics and Corporate Communication. Are We "Walking the Walk" or just "Talking the Talk"?Balluchi, Federica; Torelli, RiccardoDoctoral thesis
Aug-2009A pioneer of international librarianship: Guido Biagi and his vision of libraries cooperationTammaro, Anna MariaConference paper
4-Feb-2017A proposito della ripetizione della Ripetizione differente: il reenactment delle mostreDi Raddo, ElenaArticle