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18-Mar-2011Cavitand receptors for chiral recognition and fluorescent sensingDalcanale, Enrico; Painelli, Anna; Maffei, FrancescaDoctoral thesis
2011Charge and energy transfer in functional molecular materials: spectroscopy and modelsPainelli, Anna; Girlando, Alberto; Grisanti, LucaDoctoral thesis
18-Mar-2010Cooperativity from charge transfer, phonons and electrostatic interactions in functional molecular materialsPainelli, Anna; D'Avino, GabrieleDoctoral thesis
7-Jul-2017Dyes and Nanoparticles for 2PA Applications: Models and ComputationsPainelli, Anna; Pati, Swapan K.; Sanyal, SomanandaDoctoral thesis
7-Jul-2017Dyes and nanoparticles for bioimaging: linear photophysical and nonlinear optical studyPainelli, Anna; Bondar, Mykhailo V.; Kurhuzenkau, SiarheiDoctoral thesis
8-Mar-2018From Molecules to Materials: Static and Dynamic Properties of Complex SystemsPainelli, Anna; Di Maiolo, FrancescoDoctoral thesis
Mar-2016Intermolecular and Intramolecular Charge Transfer in Functional Molecular MaterialsPainelli, Anna; Terenziani, Francesca; Delchiaro, FrancescaDoctoral thesis
Dec-2020Modeling electrostatic interactions in complex systemsPainelli, Anna; Anzola, MattiaDoctoral thesis
18-Mar-2011MOVPE Growth and Study of III-V Multi-Junction Structures for Advanced Photovoltaic ApplicationsTarricone, Luciano; Parisini, Antonella; Painelli, Anna; Baldini, MicheleDoctoral thesis
18-Mar-2011Muons and Hydrogen in GrapheneRiccò, Mauro; Painelli, Anna; Mazzani, MarcelloDoctoral thesis
11-Mar-2010Organic chromophores for advanced applications: models and spectroscopyPainelli, Anna; Terenziani, Francesca; Sissa, CristinaDoctoral thesis
Jan-2011Realization and Characterization of CZT X-Ray and gamma ray detectorsZappettini, Andrea; Painelli, Anna; Marchini, LauraDoctoral thesis
18-Mar-2010Synthesis and characterization of new multiferroic materialsPainelli, Anna; Calestani, Gianluca; Mezzadri, FrancescoDoctoral thesis
2022Thermally activated delayed fluorescence: excited state engineering towards efficient organic light emitting diodesPainelli, Anna; Dhali, RamaDoctoral thesis