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28-Mar-2008Detection of peanut allergens by means of new PCR based methods and ELISAMarchelli, Rosangela; Hengel, Arjon J. van; Scaravelli, ElenaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2010Development of PNA-based systems for food safety and molecular biologyMarchelli, Rosangela; Tedeschi, Tullia; Tonelli, AlessandroDoctoral thesis
Mar-2010´╗┐Free and hidden fumonisins in maize and gluten-free productsMarchelli, Rosangela; Dall'Asta, Chiara; Mangia, MattiaDoctoral thesis
6-Mar-2008Modified and unmodified b-cyclodextrins as mycotoxin receptorsMarchelli, Rosangela; Pela, RobertoDoctoral thesis
1-Mar-2012Modified peptide nucleic acids (PNAs) for nucleic acids detection and anti-miR activityCorradini, Roberto; Marchelli, Rosangela; Manicardi, AlexDoctoral thesis
4-Mar-2010Molecular Engineering of PNA Using Modified Uracil Derivatives and PorphyrinsCorradini, Roberto; Marchelli, Rosangela; Accetta, AlessandroDoctoral thesis
28-Mar-2008Peptides and proteins as markers of quality and safety in food: an approach by Mass SpectrometryMarchelli, Rosangela; Sforza, Stefano; Cavatorta, ValeriaDoctoral thesis
2012Probing quality and safety of tomato products by genomic and proteomic toolsMarchelli, Rosangela; Sforza, Stefano; Bencivenni, MariangelaDoctoral thesis
6-Mar-2008Synthesis and Applications of PNA and Modified PNA in NanobiotechnologyMarchelli, Rosangela; Corradini, Roberto; Totsingan, FilbertDoctoral thesis
4-Mar-2010Tuning PNA Properties by Chemical Modifications: Design Synthesis and ApplicationsMarchelli, Rosangela; Sforza, Stefano; Calabretta, AlessandroDoctoral thesis