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AnteprimaData di edizioneTitoloAutore/iTipologia
2016Advanced receivers for next generation wireless communication systemsFerrari, Gianluigi; Asim, MuhammadDoctoral thesis
mar-2017Automated IMU-based Motion Analysis for Clinical Applications: the Parkinson's Disease and Post-stroke CasesFerrari, Gianluigi; Parisi, FedericoDoctoral thesis
2022Big Data-based Identification and Fault Detection for Industrial Monitoring with Application to a Pharmaceutical Freeze-DryerConsolini, Luca; Ferrari, Gianluigi; Calzavara, GabrieleDoctoral thesis
2015Connect Sensor Networks to the Internet of ThingsFerrari, Gianluigi; Gonizzi, PietroDoctoral thesis
2022Design and Development of IoT Architectures for Smart Agriculture SystemsFerrari, Gianluigi; Codeluppi, GaiaDoctoral thesis
2017Design, Implementation and Optimization of Innovative Internet Access Networks, based on Fog Computing and Software Defined NetworkingFerrari, Gianluigi; Iotti, NicolaDoctoral thesis
2016Efficient Data Management with Applications to IoTFerrari, Gianluigi; Belli, LauraDoctoral thesis
2009Efficient Distributed Detection for Wireless Sensor NetworksFerrari, Gianluigi; Martalo', MarcoDoctoral thesis
2016Efficient Multi-hop Broadcast Data Dissemination in IoT and Smart CitiesFerrari, Gianluigi; Gorrieri, AndreaDoctoral thesis
2011Efficient Multihop Wireless Communications in VANETsFerrari, Gianluigi; Busanelli, StefanoDoctoral thesis
mar-2020Heterogeneous IoT networkingFerrari, Gianluigi; Cilfone, AntonioDoctoral thesis
2014Inertial Sensing for Human Motion Analysis: Processing, Technologies, and ApplicationsFerrari, Gianluigi; Giuberti, MatteoDoctoral thesis
2014Integration of Heterogeneous Networks: Protocols, Technologies, and ApplicationsFerrari, Gianluigi; Spigoni, GiovanniDoctoral thesis
mar-2019Pedestrian Inertial NavigationFerrari, Gianluigi; Strozzi, NicolòDoctoral thesis
2010Performance Optimization in Wireless Sensor NetworksFerrari, Gianluigi; Medagliani, PaoloDoctoral thesis
2017Security in the IoT: from energy-constrained nodes to cellular network architecturesFerrari, Gianluigi; Forte, Andrea GiuseppeDoctoral thesis
2015UWB technology for indoor localization: from theory to practiceFerrari, Gianluigi; Monica, StefaniaDoctoral thesis