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4-Mar-2008Arginine transport and nitric oxide production: role in the inflammatory responseDall'Asta, Valeria; Barilli, AmeliaDoctoral thesis
2014Autophagy in skeletal homeostasis: role in the osteoblast lineage under physiological and stress conditionDall'Asta, Valeria; Piemontese, MarilinaDoctoral thesis
2022Functional and molecular analysis of Organic Cation Transporters (OCT/OCTN) in human airway epithelial cellsDall'Asta, Valeria; Ferrari, FrancescaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2017Functional and molecular analysis of Organic Cation Transporters (OCTs and OCTNs) in human airway epithelial cells and macrophagesDall'Asta, Valeria; Ingoglia, FilippoDoctoral thesis
2014L’inibizione di MEK potenzia l’effetto antitumorale del Triossido di Arsenico in cellule di Leucemia Mieloide Cronica Bcr-abl+ resistenti all’Imatinib: studio preclinico in vitro ed in vivo.Dall'Asta, Valeria; Mazzera, LauraDoctoral thesis
2014La Nutlin-3 potenzia l’effetto citotossico del trattamento combinato con gli inibitori di MEK1 e l’arsenico triossido in cellule di Leucemia AcutaDall'Asta, Valeria; Abeltino, ManuelaDoctoral thesis
13-Mar-2018Pulmonary drug delivery: in vitro prediction of lung absorptionDall'Asta, Valeria; Di Lascia, Maria RosariaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2014Targeted disruption of Aurora and IKK kinases interaction as therapeutic strategy to sensitize Multiple myeloma cells to Apo2L/TRAILDall'Asta, Valeria; Lunghi, PaoloDoctoral thesis
2016Unraveling the molecular underpinnings of Philadelphia-negative myeloproliferative neoplasms: implications for future therapeutic strategiesDall'Asta, Valeria; Masselli, ElenaDoctoral thesis