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Mar-2020Convergent medicinal chemistry approaches against susceptible and resistant mycobacterial infectionsCostantino, Gabriele; Girardini, MiriamDoctoral thesis
28-Mar-2014Design and synthesis of human serine racemase inhibitors, a challenge to modulate NMDAR dysregulation and neurodegeneration induced.Costantino, Gabriele; Mor, Marco; Pecchini, ChiaraDoctoral thesis
Apr-2016Design and synthesis of new multitarget inhibitors of dengue virus replicationCostantino, Gabriele; Vincetti, PaoloDoctoral thesis
Mar-2019Design, synthesis and optimization of inhibitors of enzymes involved in the sulfur assimilation pathway in Gram negative BacteriaCostantino, Gabriele; Pinto de Magalhães, Joana RitaDoctoral thesis
Feb-2015Development and validation of in silico tools for efficient library design and data analysis in high throughput screening campaignsCostantino, Gabriele; Beccari, Andrea RosarioDoctoral thesis
28-Mar-2013Interfering with the excitatory amino acids signalling in the brain for the design of novel neuroprotective agentsCostantino, Gabriele; Vallerini, Gian PaoloDoctoral thesis
2012MD Simulations and Conformational Sampling of Monomeric and Dimeric GPCRsCostantino, Gabriele; Bruno, AgostinoDoctoral thesis
28-Mar-2014Modelling studies of bitter taste, glucocorticoid and VEGFR2 receptors and their ligandsCostantino, Gabriele; Capelli, Anna MariaDoctoral thesis
16-Mar-2017New strategies to eradicate microbial resistanceCostantino, Gabriele; Annunziato, GiannamariaDoctoral thesis
2022Novel Adjuvant Strategies to overcome Antimicrobial ResistanceCostantino, Gabriele; Pavone, MarialauraDoctoral thesis
Mar-2014The challenging world of in silico drug design: tools development and applicationsCostantino, Gabriele; Beato, ClaudiaDoctoral thesis
16-Mar-2017Toward innovative therapeutics for the eradication of mycobacterial infectionsCostantino, Gabriele; Azzali, ElisaDoctoral thesis