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16-Mar-2018Calix[4]arene Derivatives as Artificial Phospodiesterases and Ligands for ProteinsCasnati, Alessandro; Volpi, StefanoDoctoral thesis
Mar-2019Calixarene-based viscosity index improvers and detergents for lubricantsCasnati, Alessandro; Notari, Marcello; Roselli, Alberto; Magini, AndreaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2013Macrocyclic amphiphilic non-viral vectors for gene deliverySansone, Francesco; Casnati, Alessandro; Lomazzi, MichelaDoctoral thesis
8-Mar-2017Multivalent calixarenes for targeting of cell membrane receptors and intracellular cargo deliverySansone, Francesco; Casnati, Alessandro; Morbioli, IlariaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2012Multivalent glycocalixarenes for lectin inhibitionCasnati, Alessandro; Sansone, Francesco; Bernardi, SilviaDoctoral thesis
21-Mar-2014New glycosylated materials for lectin inhibition, detection and targetingCasnati, Alessandro; Fezzardi, PaolaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2016New multivalent calixarene-based ligands for protein recognition and inhibitionSansone, Francesco; Casnati, Alessandro; Giuliani, MartaDoctoral thesis
6-Mar-2009Synthesis of multivalent glycoclusters for the selective inhibition of lectins and targeted imagingUngaro, Rocco; Casnati, Alessandro; Rispoli, GabrieleDoctoral thesis
18-Mar-2016Synthesis of new calixarene-based lubricant additivesCasnati, Alessandro; Notari, Marcello; Sansone, Francesco; Roselli, Alberto; Burlini, AlessandroDoctoral thesis
Apr-2021Towards a closed nuclear fuel cycle: ligands for the actinide-lanthanide separationCasnati, Alessandro; Gullo, Maria ChiaraDoctoral thesis