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Mar-2020An amino acid trade-off between Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia blasts and bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells: a possible mechanism for asparaginase resistanceBussolati, Ovidio; Taurino, GiuseppeDoctoral thesis
2013Attività chemioprotettiva di estratti di spinacio (Spinacia oleracea L.)Bussolati, Ovidio; Buschini, Annamaria; Milano, FrancescoDoctoral thesis
2013Cellular and molecular bases for the pro-tumorigenic role of NG2/CSPG4 proteoglycanBussolati, Ovidio; Perris, Roberto; Nicolosi, Pier AndreaDoctoral thesis
4-Mar-2008The copper complex A0: license to kill without apoptosisFranchi-Gazzola, Renata; Bussolati, Ovidio; Tardito, SaverioDoctoral thesis
2016Determinants of biological activity of nanomaterials in innate immunity cells: the role of aspect ratio, environmental contaminants and protein coronaBussolati, Ovidio; Allegri, ManfrediDoctoral thesis
2015Glutamine availability as a target for the control of Glutamine-Synthetase negative human cancers: the case of oligodendrogliomaBussolati, Ovidio; Ottaviani, LauraDoctoral thesis
2009Novel insights on the regulation of the EAAT3/EAAC1 glutamate transporter : interactions with the actin cytoskeleton and induction by retinoic acidBussolati, Ovidio; Bianchi, MassimilianoDoctoral thesis
2015Over-expression of pro-osteoclastogenic cytokine receptors and chemokines by bone marrow CD14+ monocytes of Multiple Myeloma (MM) patients as compared to Smoldering MM (SMM) and Monoclonal Gammopathy of Uncertain Significance (MGUS): role of IL-21R/IL-21 axis in MM-induced osteoclastogenesis.Bussolati, Ovidio; Bolzoni, MarinaDoctoral thesis
4-Mar-2008System A regulation under stress conditions: molecular mechanisms and signaling pathwaysFranchi-Gazzola, Renata; Bussolati, Ovidio; Bevilacqua, ElenaDoctoral thesis