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AnteprimaData di edizioneTitoloAutore/iTipologia
2015Analysis and development of self localization and autonomous driving systems for the industrial and automotive environment.Bertozzi, Massimo; Bernini, NicolaDoctoral thesis
2019Applicazioni di visione stereoscopica per sistemi embedded in agenti autonomiBertozzi, Massimo; Giaquinto, DomenicoDoctoral thesis
2022Decision-making, planning and control using deep reinforcement learning for autonomous driving vehiclesBertozzi, Massimo; Capasso, Alessandro PaoloDoctoral thesis
2021Deep learning-based object detection for autonomous drivingBertozzi, Massimo; Zinelli, AndreaDoctoral thesis
mar-2019Design and development of stereoscopic obstacle detection systems for UAVBertozzi, Massimo; Broggi, Alberto; Valenti, FrancescoDoctoral thesis
mar-2017Goal-oriented path planning for ground and aerial vehiclesBertozzi, Massimo; Signifredi, AndreaDoctoral thesis
2021Learning how to perceive the real world from simulationsBertozzi, Massimo; Musto, LuigiDoctoral thesis
mar-2020Microscopic traffic simulation and maneuver execution with multi-agent deep reinforcement learningBertozzi, Massimo; Bacchiani, GiulioDoctoral thesis
24-mar-2017Object Detection and Classification for ADAS and Autonomous DrivingBertozzi, Massimo; Castangia, LucaDoctoral thesis
2019Study and development of road boundaries detection applications for embedded platform implementationBertozzi, Massimo; Broggi, Alberto; Ghidini, FrancescaDoctoral thesis