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202113th International conference on geostatistics for environmental applicationsZanini, Andrea; D'Oria, MarcoBook
202214th International conference on geostatistics for environmental applicationsZanini, Andrea; D'Oria, MarcoBook
197316 pesciMari, Enzo-
21-Nov-201318.20 (Progetto per il Piazzale Caio Mario)Marisaldi, Eva; Modena, ElisabettaWorking Paper
2002_Progetto rotonda Torino.jpg.jpg21-Nov-2013[18.20 (Progetto per il Piazzale Caio Mario), render del progetto]Marisaldi, EvaImage
10-Oct-2015[1_ Paolini_Quadro generale 2012_Modello-1.tif ]Paolini, GiulioImage
a9d2c1fe0ff0ac044b083dc39be5b1d0.jpg.jpg1-Feb-2015[1__ Una tigre per Torino001.TIF]Vitone, LucaImage
10-Oct-2015[1_Del Piero]Umbaca, EnzoOther
10-Oct-2015[2_ Paolini_Quadro generale 2012_Modello-1.tif]Paolini, GiulioImage
2c1049994c033bca09b7825d4b53a4d9.jpg.jpg1-Feb-2015[2__ Una tigre per Torino002.TIF]Vitone, LucaImage
11-Apr-20082D Finite Volume Numerical Modeling of Free Surface Flows with TopographyMignosa, Paolo; Ziveri, ChiaraDoctoral thesis
Mar-20182D Shallow Water modelling of flood propagation: GPU parallelization, non-uniform grids, porosity, reverse flow routingVacondio, Renato; Mignosa, Paolo; Ferrari, AlessiaDoctoral thesis
10-Oct-2015[3_ Paolini_Quadro generale_Documentazione.pdf]Paolini, GiulioWorking Paper
2ee0f502e54e0d1ce69c0539180f18bd.jpg.jpg1-Feb-2015[3__ Una tigre per Torino003.TIF]Vitone, LucaImage
9-Mar-20183D Engineered Photoanodes for Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsSanson, Alessandra; Sangiorgi, AlexDoctoral thesis
20223D Virtual commissioning on IEC61499: methods and technologies to streamline the simulation model developmentSilvestri, Marco; Rovere, DiegoDoctoral thesis
20153D Vision-based Perception and Modelling techniques for Intelligent Ground VehiclesBroggi, Alberto; Sabbatelli, MarioDoctoral thesis
1-Feb-2015[4_ Una tigre per Torino.doc]Vitone, LucaPresentation
1-Feb-2015[5_ Una tigre per Torino.pdf]Vitone, LucaMap
2013A Bayesian Approach to the Forward SearchRiani, Marco; Corbellini, AldoDoctoral thesis