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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Mar-2019Improving organic electrochemical sensing by aptamer functionalizationIannotta, Salvatore; Peruzzi, CarlottaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2020Microsistemi per il drug delivery attivato elettricamente e loro applicazione nel controllo del dolore post-operatorioIannotta, Salvatore; Erokhin, Victor; Ricci, ValentinaDoctoral thesis
2013Nanostructured magnetic materials for sensors and biomedicineDeriu, Antonio; Albertini, Franca; Casoli, Francesca; Iannotta, Salvatore; Chiesi, ValentinaDoctoral thesis
5-Mar-2014Organic electronics at the interface with bio-medicineIannotta, Salvatore; Petronini, Pier Giorgio; Owens, M. Roisin; Romeo, AgostinoDoctoral thesis
10-Mar-2017Organic memristive devices towards biocompatible interfacesIannotta, Salvatore; Erokhin, Victor; Berzina, Tatiana; Parisini, Antonella; Cifarelli, AngelicaDoctoral thesis
30-Mar-2012Organic thin films as active materials in field effect transistors and electrochemical sensingIannotta, Salvatore; Mosca, Roberto; Cicoira, Fabio; Tarabella, GiuseppeDoctoral thesis
2022Polyaniline-based neuromorphic devices towards interfacing sensingIannotta, Salvatore; Sajapin, RomanDoctoral thesis
2016Study of interaction between Si(O,C) nanowires and the biological systemIannotta, Salvatore; Salviati, Giancarlo; Lagonegro, PaolaDoctoral thesis
Mar-2012Study of Molecular Sensitization Processes of Nanostructured Metal OxidesSalviati, Giancarlo; Iannotta, Salvatore; Detto, FrancescaDoctoral thesis
6-Mar-2015Tailoring surfaces and interface properties by kinetically activated processes controlled by Supersonic Beam DepositionIannotta, Salvatore; Verucchi, Roberto; Tatti, RobertaDoctoral thesis
24-Mar-2017TiO2 based memristive devices towards controlling performances and interfacingIannotta, Salvatore; Verucchi, Roberto; Giusti, GiovanniDoctoral thesis